New Team Member and DMsGuild Product!


Today we’re happy to announce that we officially welcome a new member to the Mage College crew. Natalie is joining us as our Tactician, not only will she be working on writing and design with us, but also helping plan our products, events, and more. In 2019, we’re trying to achieve more than ever and Natalie is just the strategist we need to help us achieve more structure.

Natalie has only been playing TTRPGs since 2016, but, like anything she does, she’s thrown herself fully into the worlds. Always eager to do something new, she’s GM’d a number of different systems for streams and at conventions, all for the love of storytelling. You can find her on Twitter @chaoticrogue for ridiculous shenanigans or for her streaming schedule, so you can find out when and where she’s playing one of her many characters (who may or may not be rogues or rogue adjacent… she’s got a type).

A Touch of Chaos

To celebrate Natalie’s arrival we are releasing a special DMsGuild product,  Roguish Archetype: Chaotician. This roguish archetype inspired by our very own chaotic rogue bends chaos and fortune to their will. Trickery is much more fun when fate is at your beck and call. As with all of our DMsGuild products, this archetype will be illustrated by our very own Curator Kannah. Chaotician will be coming out January 30th on DMsGuild for $1.99!

Stay tuned, as we have much more in store for you this weekend!

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