Hero in the Making – A Lesson in Character Creation

When I started playing Dungeons & Dragons, I was obsessed with creating the “perfect character.” To some degree, even years later, I try to get everything with this one character right. Which character you might ask? The handsome blue-clad swashbuckler looking elf you see here: Daerthalion Dawntracker. In the process of creating him, and in some cases, re-creating and refining him, I learned more about … Continue reading Hero in the Making – A Lesson in Character Creation

Multiclass Mastery: Tactician

Not everyone is known for their strength and fighting prowess – sometimes you need brilliance from behind the scenes to orchestrate something bigger into motion in order to ensure victory. Such is the role of a tactician. One of my favourite video game references of this is from Dragon Age: Inquisition – your council of Commander Cullen, Josephine, and Leliana are all tacticians, with different … Continue reading Multiclass Mastery: Tactician

New Team Member and DMsGuild Product!

Today we’re happy to announce that we officially welcome a new member to the Mage College crew. Natalie is joining us as our Tactician, not only will she be working on writing and design with us, but also helping plan our products, events, and more. In 2019, we’re trying to achieve more than ever and Natalie is just the strategist we need to help us … Continue reading New Team Member and DMsGuild Product!

Announcement: A Fond Farewell

Among the number of changes coming to the Mage College, that we are announcing over the coming weeks, one important announcement we must address first: We are bidding a fond farewell to Archdruid Tahina. We are parting on the best of terms as she has made the wise decision of stepping down to focus on herself and her own personal needs and health. As a … Continue reading Announcement: A Fond Farewell