Character Creation Queries

I struggle creating characters sometimes, especially for one-shots. Sometimes even characters for short arcs – I can pick any combination that I haven’t played yet and walk into it, but unless I understand the who/what/when/where/why of a character, I don’t get much enjoyment out of them. I often fall onto using someone I’ve played previously, when I know I should be exploring new ideas. Maybe … Continue reading Character Creation Queries

Martial Archetype: Duelist

Very recently I was inspired to indulge and create a subclass for myself, for my golden boy Daerthalion (pictured above) which I have up til recently tried to avoid. Sometimes, you just have to fight for yourself and what you want, which coincidentally works for this subclass, because I present to you the Duelist Martial archetype. I’m not lying when I say I think this … Continue reading Martial Archetype: Duelist

Mastering the Way of Four Elements

As I scrolled through Twitter recently, I saw that my friend and fellow fabulous creator Matthew Foreman was wishing that Four Elements monk was better… or rather, wishing someone would make it not suck. This is no new statement, as it has been shared that Way of Four Elements monk is one of the lowest ranking subclasses alongside Beast Master ranger. Very recently in a … Continue reading Mastering the Way of Four Elements