Druid Circle: Circle of the Song

I’d been throwing the idea around the echoing halls of the Mage College of a druid that uses song and magic. The first issue I had to tackle was the how to differentiate it from bard substantially enough that it didn’t feel like it was taking any spotlight from bards. so we looked into how Bladesingers worked and after conferring with the Mage College’s Head … Continue reading Druid Circle: Circle of the Song

Fighting with Finesse- New Feats!

I will admit, I am one of those players who likes synergy. One of my pet peeves about one of my favorite classes in D&D 5e, the Rogue, has a boatload of weapon proficiencies that do them absolutely no good as far as Sneak Attack is concerned which disables their core ability and gives them absolutely no major benefit. In my opinion, I’d rather see … Continue reading Fighting with Finesse- New Feats!

Sorcerous Origin: Heartwarder

This week’s subclass is a 5e rework of the Heartwarder which was originally found in 3rd Editions Faith’s and Pantheons as requested by Ms. Tahina Andale (@Tahina_Andale). Tahina has already helped with a few projects here at the Mage College such as the Ink Burners and gave some preliminary feedback on Character Folio: Anja. There’s a very good chance you may see her work and … Continue reading Sorcerous Origin: Heartwarder