Class Dismissed…

Hello friends, and good-bye for now. It has been four years that the Mage College has been a thing. It has been a trip, to say the least, and these hallowed virtual halls where me and my friends shared our creations and ideas with you have been a blessing. Truth be told, I am already pondering my next creative endeavors, but for the time being, I, Archmage Derek, now just Derek, am turning my attention towards my career path. Four years ago, I started the Mage College as an extension of my passion for TTRPGs, but my relative success inspired me to put my real-world academic progress on the back burner. While this has been a magical endeavor, I am doing something now that I have not done before: doing something for myself.

I encourage you to do the same, and let this be your final lesson – in what inspires you, brings you joy, gets you through thick and thin, do not be afraid to do things for yourself. There is a keen difference between being selfish and being kind to yourself. I encourage you to do the latter. In the TTRPG community there are many who do both, and I strongly encourage you to flock to those who share the joy they have found with those around them. The key difference there is that those people have created joy from themselves and are sharing their abundance, while inversely those that seek to reap abundance from others. I implore you, dear reader, create joy and share in abundance.

I confess, for the last four years, I have not created joy for myself, I tried to create joy for others, while taking very little joy in this. I’d like to one day, return to you, in whatever new form when I can create something I love that I can share. I can’t mention love without giving thanks to a few very important people that have done so much.

First to my beloved wife, Kannah who created so much beauty for the Mage College, and was in many times my most valuable critic, and an implaccable sounding board. I can’t wait to create more with you. You have my infinite gratitude and unending love. I am truly your biggest fan.

Next, to my dear friend Natalie, your contributions to the Mage College have been wonderful, between your masterful organizations of games, and material, to literally making sure we get to cons. Our entwined path of learning and teaching will stay with me always. I can’t wait to see what you do next.

Finally, to you dear reader. Thank you for four years of reinforcing what makes TTRPGs great – the shared experince. Without you, the games we play would not run. I hope to see you around.

Don’t be a stranger, and stay magical.

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