Mastering the Way of Four Elements

As I scrolled through Twitter recently, I saw that my friend and fellow fabulous creator Matthew Foreman was wishing that Four Elements monk was better… or rather, wishing someone would make it not suck. This is no new statement, as it has been shared that Way of Four Elements monk is one of the lowest ranking subclasses alongside Beast Master ranger. Very recently in a … Continue reading Mastering the Way of Four Elements

Magical Musings: Psychic Damage

You’re drifting off to sleep in your bed, when suddenly you startle and get the sensation of falling. Your eyes shoot open, and and your heart is pounding. You’ve just experienced a hypnic jerk, but whether or not you realize it, your body just experienced what might be considered the real world precursor to psychic damage. Some TTRPG and D&D players are often confused by … Continue reading Magical Musings: Psychic Damage

Hero’s Feast – Figuring out Food for your Game Nights

I’m one of those people who loves to play hostess, so hosting a game night is totally up my alley. Furthermore, if you can throw a theme on a shindig, I am right there in it. So naturally, when it comes to D&D nights at home, I love the opportunity to get creative in the kitchen and try to come up with meals that are … Continue reading Hero’s Feast – Figuring out Food for your Game Nights

Can You Play a TTRPG Wrong?

The answer to this question is a complicated one. We have to look at what “playing wrong” means. Unfortunately, the English language doesn’t like being very exact in its use of adjectives, so we have to make do with specifics. There’s a few different directions this question can go, so let’s be specific. You can play a tabletop roleplaying game wrong. How you manage to … Continue reading Can You Play a TTRPG Wrong?

Magical Intent | New Arcane Spell!

Spells are an integral part of Dungeons and Dragons. There is an entire third of the Player’s Handbook devoted to spellcasting alone. If someone were to suggest a low-magic campaign, or a no magic campaign, two-thirds of players would probably crinkle their nose in apprehension at the thought. If it is a huge part of the game, do you incorporate your characters’ thinking and habits around … Continue reading Magical Intent | New Arcane Spell!

For My Next Trick- Mage College Update

You may have noticed that the picture above this intro is not work from any artist from Wizards of the Coast but instead a photo of me (yes, that’s me). Yesterday, I tweeted that there would be an announcement about the future of the Mage College. No worries, I’m not going anywhere, we just have some points to address. For the sake of being on … Continue reading For My Next Trick- Mage College Update

The Sway of the Force: The Appeal of Lore

I can’t easily explain how the lore of Star Wars has such a magnificent appeal. I may not be able to tell you how at all. However, I think I can tell you why it has that power. Consider the first movie audiences ever saw, Episode IV: A New Hope. Back then, it wasn’t even called a New Hope, it was just Star Wars. The saga … Continue reading The Sway of the Force: The Appeal of Lore