Sorcerous Origin: Heartwarder


This week’s subclass is a 5e rework of the Heartwarder which was originally found in 3rd Editions Faith’s and Pantheons as requested by Ms. Tahina Andale (@Tahina_Andale). Tahina has already helped with a few projects here at the Mage College such as the Ink Burners and gave some preliminary feedback on Character Folio: Anja. There’s a very good chance you may see her work and input show up again in the near future. Without her input and awesome understanding of these two editions of Dungeons and Dragons this new subclass wouldn’t have come to life. You can also find her on Wizards and Wardrobes playing Fauzia Flamemane over on Scratticus Academy and Runa Rikasdottir in Fumbles and Fame‘s Tomb of Annihilation game on Twitch!

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Art from Faiths and Pantheons Illustrated by Mike Sass, ©Wizards of the Coast 2018

Sorcerous Origin: Heartwarder

Your magic is drawn from the strength of your love and compassion. Through mastering their energies, you can manipulate the hearts and desires of others and can even stir other emotions in them to the point of breaking hearts with so much as a look.

Whether your spirit was basked in the fountain of Evergold, or you have some ancient ancestor who was a being with greater effect over the hearts of others such as a fey, an incubus, or some other similar being, the power you have over love is nothing short of magical.

Heart of Passion

When you choose this origin at 1st level, you gain proficiency in Persuasion if you don’t already have it. Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses this proficiency.

Lips of Rapture

Beginning at 1st level, your kiss instills confidence, resolve, and strength in your allies. As an action, you can touch a creature granting it temporary hit points equal to your sorcerer level + your Charisma modifier for 1 minute. While the creature has these temporary hit points, it is can’t be frightened or charmed, and its attacks deal an extra 1d8 damage of the same type.

You can use this feature a number of times equal to your Charisma modifier. You regain all expended uses of this feature when you finish a long rest.

Siren’s Voice

Your voice entrances and compels others to do your bidding. At 6th level, you learn the enthrall spell. It does not count towards your number of sorcerer spells known and counts as a sorcerer spell for you. While enthrall is active, you may spend 1 sorcery point to cast command targeting one of the creatures affected by enthrall as an action. The creature automatically fails its saving throw against the spell.

Tears of Evergold

You can magically cry tears that are drawn straight from the golden waters of the Evergold Fountain. Beginning at 14th level, when you finish a long rest, you can produce a vial of Evergold water. You or another creature you choose drinks the Evergold water, it has one of the following effects of your choice.

Bolster Charisma. For 1 hour, whenever the creature that drank the Evergold water makes a Charisma check, you can replace the number you roll with a 10 and it can’t be charmed or frightened.

Love Charm. The creature that drinks the Evergold water is charmed by you for 1 hour and it regards you as its true love while charmed by you.

Restore Youth. After drinking the Evergold water, the creature’s apparent age is reduced by 3d10 years, to a minimum of 13 years. This effect doesn’t extend the creature’s lifespan.

Scrying. The creature that drinks the Evergold water can cast scrying once using your spell save DC at any point for 1 hour without expending a spell slot.

If a creature drinks the Evergold water without your permission or knowledge, the creature is affected by the Love Charm effect and is poisoned for the duration.

Compassion’s Rebuke

Starting at 18th level you are injured by another creature, you can stir the feelings of anguish in other’s as though they hurt their own beloved. When a creature deals damage to you with an attack or spell, you can spend 6 sorcery points as a reaction to assault the heart of that creature. The creature must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or take psychic damage equal to the damage it dealt to you and be stunned until the start of its next turn. On a successful save, it is dealt half as much psychic damage, and is not stunned.

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