Character Creation Queries

I struggle creating characters sometimes, especially for one-shots. Sometimes even characters for short arcs – I can pick any combination that I haven’t played yet and walk into it, but unless I understand the who/what/when/where/why of a character, I don’t get much enjoyment out of them. I often fall onto using someone I’ve played previously, when I know I should be exploring new ideas. Maybe … Continue reading Character Creation Queries

Roguish Reflections – Races in D&D 5e

I’m starting to learn more about the world of design from the grand Archmage himself, so I’m going to start writing a bit more on that process, my discoveries, and general ramblings that I have with myself throughout. If nothing else, welcome to inside of my brain! So the latest lessons have been on one of the primary factors for any character in D&D – … Continue reading Roguish Reflections – Races in D&D 5e

Hero’s Feast – Figuring out Food for your Game Nights

I’m one of those people who loves to play hostess, so hosting a game night is totally up my alley. Furthermore, if you can throw a theme on a shindig, I am right there in it. So naturally, when it comes to D&D nights at home, I love the opportunity to get creative in the kitchen and try to come up with meals that are … Continue reading Hero’s Feast – Figuring out Food for your Game Nights

Spring into DMing – How to Get Into Running a Game

I see a lot of posts on Twitter lately along the lines of people who are new to D&D, been playing for a little bit, want to try their hand at being a DM (Dungeon Master) but aren’t sure how, or if they’re good enough. Especially in the rise of the TTRPG culture, with celebrity DMs or even just those who have been playing for … Continue reading Spring into DMing – How to Get Into Running a Game

Menu Magic – Enhancing Your Tavern, One Drink at a Time

Nearly every adventuring party ends up in a tavern at some point of time or another. Sometimes, they’re a place of great importance for a plotline or a quest, and sometimes the party just wants to celebrate/commiserate over recent events. Either way – there are times when you’ll need to come up with a tavern on the fly, and while a name and NPCs can … Continue reading Menu Magic – Enhancing Your Tavern, One Drink at a Time

Treasures Untold: Patreon Content Preview!

Wondering what you’re missing out on by not being a patron of the Mage College’s Patreon? March’s benefits included play test material from the upcoming book “Goldeneye’s Guide to Warlocks”, three new subclasses, and a plethora of magical items for you to use. Curious as to what that all might look like? Lucky for you, we’ve summarized it so you get a taste of what … Continue reading Treasures Untold: Patreon Content Preview!

Multiclass Mastery: Tactician

Not everyone is known for their strength and fighting prowess – sometimes you need brilliance from behind the scenes to orchestrate something bigger into motion in order to ensure victory. Such is the role of a tactician. One of my favourite video game references of this is from Dragon Age: Inquisition – your council of Commander Cullen, Josephine, and Leliana are all tacticians, with different … Continue reading Multiclass Mastery: Tactician