The Mage College: The Reckoning

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We’re back from our hiatus! However, we’re bringing a long some new changes that will be pretty important. We’re making these changes to better fit our needs and goals as creators while trying to “level up” our game as far as the TTRPG writing and publishing sphere goes.

First, The Mage College’s articles here on the website will be vastly different. We’ll still post here to give you inside looks into what is going on in the Mage College and what you can expect. Character builds, subclasses, and other 5e material and opinion articles will be appearing lot less. Not because we don’t want to do them, but our previous methods have undercut us severely. Why buy any DMsGuild products of ours when the playtest versions could be found here? Frankly, our time is frequently so sparse that it is more valuable than sometimes a discouraging number of shares on social media or a few referrals, and our ad revenue just isn’t there to validate making money through web traffic alone.  For this style of content, you can join our Patreon. For a number of the available tiers we have a great amount of content, with some things that never saw the light of day here on the website. We truly believe a Patreon subsciption is worth it. We’re improving the Patreon all the time, and have a number of new features still in the works.

Second, our previous style of articles can be a time sink when we want to finish such products as Merae’s Mesmerizing Manual, Goldeneye’s Guide to Warlocks, and NPCs: The Coping. It is very likely that each member of the Mage College will have projects parallel to the Mage College, and we want to have time for them and our larger endeavors for the Mage College. This may be overly business like, but we want to be just that – a business. We’d be lying if we said that we weren’t interested in monetary success, but we are passionate about our work in the TTRPG community and we strongly believe that we can be successful in these passions. In order to be successful, we need to focus our time that will bring us closer to that success by more heavily focusing on opportunities that have a greater return on investment.

As far as content is concerned, what can you expect from us? Well, to start, we’ll still be creating promotional material, so every once in a while, you might find a new subclass here on the website to celebrate an occasion, or to pay homage to someone or something. Additionally, you’ll find concept updates about our projects, as well as advice articles created from interviews with other writers and creators in the industry. This content will be here on the website for any who wish to view it. Our more consistent content will be on our Patreon with our projects going to DMsGuild, DriveThru RPG, and other outlets for sale. Later this week you can expect a brand new Sacred Oath: The Oath of Clarity. This may seem contradictory, but this is one of two new archetypes being created in honor of James Haeck of D&D Beyond joining me for an interview regarding his experience and advice for delving into the TTRPG Industry. Following that the week after, we will see the second Sacred Oath: The Oath of SubjugationBoth of these Sacred Oaths were suggested by James as I enjoy creating content for the kind individuals who join us for interviews, but as he had two wonderful ideas, how could I resist not designing both? Following their release, by the end of the month, the article featuring James’ interview will be released.

As far as projects go, we are looking at the following timeline:

Merae’s Mesmerizing Manual- Late September

Goldeneye’s Guide to Warlocks- Halloween

NPCs: The Coping- Black Friday

After that, the world is our oyster or should I say, Toril is our oyster.Well, we’ll save that for another update. Until then, we’d like to thank you for your time, your interest, and support. The Mage College is only just beginning, and we hope you’ll join us on this next part of our journey.

Keep creating and stay awesome!

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