Charting a New Course: Summer Holiday and New Directions


Running a website by yourself is hard, and when you do it for long enough, you really only know how to do just that – run it by yourself. Add in a mix of sudden design work in the form of commissions and design work while trying to acclimate new team members into the mix. Then balance a patreon while still figuring out all the new stuff on top of it. Feeling stressed out? Yeah, I don’t blame you.

For the last several months, it has been weighing on me that something amidst all of this isn’t sitting quite right. My work comes out late, I have trouble balancing all the projects I have going on, and something feels off, like I am wearing a shoe that is half a size too small. Throw into the mix of learning how to lead my small team of creators, something has to change, and that is our next major focus: change. In order to facilitate a more regular and functional Mage College, we’re taking a small holiday to step back and re-calibrate, and chart a new course. First major announcement:

The Mage College will be on hiatus until mid-August. If you are a member of our Patreon, rewards will still be getting fulfilled. It might be delayed here and there, but you can expect the usual content on our Patreon. We are still moving ahead with development on other design projects as well. 

We’re taking this time to create a unique venue for ourselves as creators and our audience that we can all enjoy. We’re not sure what this new form looks like, but it feels more so like it will be closer to an edition change rather than throwing out a collection of books and starting anew. In doing so, one thing that we already see on the horizon leads us to our next announcement:

The future of the Mage College is less centralized on one TTRPG system, and will have more to showcase settings, systems, and ideas that are universal to the hobby as a whole.

Each of us here in the Mage College enjoys Dungeons and Dragons, we won’t walk away from that. However, the TTRPG industry has more than just Dungeons and Dragons in it. I, personally, am a fan of Cypher System, Dungeon World, Blades in the Dark, Dungeon Crawl Classics, City of Mist and the Genesys/Edge of the Empire System. We also want to create games of varying sizes for the community to engage with, like our long time delayed game NPCs: The Coping. We can’t delve into these things if we our focus is grounded in only one place in the TTRPG industry. As a team of 3rd party creators who are also a part of the living TTRPG community, it is unfair of us to focus on a single system when so much can be gained by exploring other ideas and concepts for ourselves, our audience, and those creators.

Beyond what I’ve outlined here, we’re looking into doing great things and offering a venue that takes a unique approach to what we share; sharing what we can, when we can to teach and foster ideas, techniques, and the means to create better experiences for the community. We hope you understand where we are coming from as we embark on these new changes, and for many of you, we’ll see you at Gen Con and over on Patreon. Otherwise, class reopens in August.

Until then, keep creating and stay awesome.


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