Treasures Untold: Patreon Content Preview!


Wondering what you’re missing out on by not being a patron of the Mage College’s Patreon? March’s benefits included play test material from the upcoming book “Goldeneye’s Guide to Warlocks”, three new subclasses, and a plethora of magical items for you to use. Curious as to what that all might look like? Lucky for you, we’ve summarized it so you get a taste of what you’re missing out on.

In the play test material, you get a look into two of the eight patrons featured in Goldeneye’s Guide to Warlocks – the Phantasm and the Void. The Phantasm is a powerful spirit, stuck between the world of the living and of the dead. It seeks out warlocks to carry out the unfinished business that they can no longer attend to. In return, they may grant you the ability to strike fear into your foes or take on a spectral form. Not to your liking? Perhaps the Void Patron is of more interest – it is everything and nothing all at once, neither good nor evil. The Void just is, and only those willing to blur the lines of reality will be able to make a pact with the Void, and in turn may grant you incredible power to incapacitate those who oppose you.

Now if you’re not all about the warlocks, perhaps one of the three subclasses will interest you!

For fans of fighters, access the strength of your chosen element to embody that of the Elemental Warrior fighter subclass. You choose between earth, fire, water, or air to leverage its strength in battle and bolster yourself to weather any storm.

For those of you that prefer paladins, we have the Oath of Finality, who are better known as grave knights. As Death’s champion, you maintain the lines that separate life and death, saving those they can but also ensuring that what is supposed to be dead stays that way.

Gotta go fast? Perhaps the Swiftblade rogue subclass is more your style. Whether impacted by time magic or a spell gone awry, Swiftblades are as fast as lightening and, once mastered, can appear to be just a blur to those around. Never been harder to catch a thief!

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a gift basket of TEN magical items, including:

  • A dagger that can be surrounded in a hateful aura to psychically impact your enemies
  • A circlet that gives performers an added edge
  • A belt made for acrobats and rogues, or acrobatic rogues
  • Boots that allow you to to avoid opportunity attacks
  • A scarf that helps blur your own image
  • Spectacles that allow you to see into another plane of existence
  • A magical statuette pigeon that can deliver messages over long distances
  • A quill that will let you magically replicate text
  • A bright burning candle
  • A manual to help boost your proficiency in a skill

You get access to all of that as a patron of The Mage College. Want to see what comes out next month? Join now to gain access to all of these fantastic materials, while supporting some of your favorite creators.

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