Announcements! Character Folio Anja, the “Alchemy Lab” Category, and More

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A few announcements for you guys today after the Mage College has been under a bit of a lull. First-

Character Folio: Anja

Character Folio: Anja is a product that has been released straight to DMs Guild.  Character Folio: Anja follows one of the most notorious player characters to ever grace our table, Anja, the Black Cat. There are three whole sections of player options based on the sly Black Cat herself

  • A new playable race- the Tibbit, a race of were-cats with a knack for adventure.
  • An updated take on the Acrobat that was previously featured here on the Mage College
  • New feats, some exclusive to tibbits, and some for all characters that are perfect for characters with a more daring and dishonest streak.
  • A collection of new mundane items- the new Cat’s Claw Glove weapon, and a collection of alchemical items, as well as new magic items that are easily at home with any thief, rogue, or cutpurse.

That’s not all, you’ll notice that the version that is currently available is absolute free, because there will be two versions of Character Folio: Anja – A text only version, and a deluxe art version with art done by Anja’s player, @itskhanuh!

You can find the free text-only version here: Character Folio: Anja (Text-Only)

The art version will be coming along soon, and will be properly announced when the time comes along with pricing information!

Please leave comments and reviews, and share it on social media!


The Alchemy Lab

You may remember a couple weeks back where I decided to make the switch to DMsGuild for most of my D&D content, well, I have come up with a compromise of sorts that should work:

Subclasses are uploaded to here to Mage College under the Alchemy Lab category. They will continue to feature Wizards of the Coast, thanks to their policy about using their art.

Once moved to DM’s Guild or DriveThru after revision, playtesting, feedback, etc. the original article will be removed. There will be a free text-only version and also art versions of each product.


Release Schedule

We have a release schedule coming up very soon with rough release dates for a number of projects we’re working on. Among them: 

NPCs: The Coping Beta– A new Powered by The Apocalypse game that is a 4th-wall breaking, celebratory romp that combines the classic tropes of fantasy RPGs with the self-awareness of sitcoms like The Office.  

Goldeneye’s Guide to Warlocks – The long awaited and delayed supplement featuring a number of new Warlock Patrons narrated by the ne’er do well, wannabe Archfey Maeldir Goldeneye is finally rounding towards being released including new invocations, magic items, and spells for warlocks.

Character Folio: Aelfric – The second release in the series of Character Folios takes a look at the traits and talents of the Dhampir turned vampire killer, Aelfric Frey.

Character Folio: Desmond – The third Character Folio follows soon after, detailing the famed Invisble Blade, Desmond Duskwalker, detailing his skills, weapons, and his background.

Ways to Support

The Mage College is  managed by myself, with frequent help from Kannah, DM Starhelm, and other generous souls from around the gaming community. By supporting the Mage College, I can continue to improve the quality of our content and expand on it, offer more rewards, and more fittingly reward the kind people I collaborate with.


For now,  you can support the Mage College by donating to my Ko-Fi. Every donation counts, and it is perfect for those of you that want to give a one time donation as opposed to a subscription. When you do donate, you can leave a suggestion on what you’d like to see next: subclasses, articles, rules systems, you name it, it will go on the list.

Art Edition Products

If you like a product, go back and support the art edition! While the text based versions are free, buying the art editions helps compensate Kannah for her hard work, and with enough traction we’ll have the resources we need to create our own unique layouts and other great things to come.

Coming Soon: Patreon

Luckily for me, I married our chief artist, Kannah, and we are currently drawing up the details of a joint Patreon. We’re working out reasonable prices and appealing rewards and will have more details about it in the future.

Coming Soon: Merch!

We have a few ideas for stickers and other goodies in the works, too! Keep your eyes peeled.

Like, Follow, and Retweet

Kannah and I do most of our networking, updates, and the like through Twitter, ever like, retweet, and follow counts and helps tremendously. I have a 2k follower giveaway coming up very soon, and we’d love for you to participate.

That’s all for now, and until then, stay awesome

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