For My Next Trick- Mage College Update

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You may have noticed that the picture above this intro is not work from any artist from Wizards of the Coast but instead a photo of me (yes, that’s me). Yesterday, I tweeted that there would be an announcement about the future of the Mage College. No worries, I’m not going anywhere, we just have some points to address. For the sake of being on theme, fans of the movie The Prestige will know how this set up goes.

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The Pledge

Running a blog dedicated to tabletop roleplaying games is tough in a lot of different ways. One of the biggest ways is it runs into some very weird legal ground. Fortunately companies like Wizards of the Coast have special rules put in place that creators try to follow, and ought to do their best to follow. I have, even up to this point, been trying to do that, however, I in order to continue doing that I have to start taking some necessary steps to further ensure that.

For those of you who are not used to seeing me write anything other than subclasses for 5th Edition, this may sound a little strange, but up til now I haven’t been doing exactly what I wanted to do for the Mage College. This isn’t supposed to be a Dungeons and Dragons only blog, I’d like it to be a little broader and not only sporting the creation of game assets in the form of 3rd party material. However, due to fine print reasons, that I am honoring of my own initiative, I am starting to separate these pieces into neatly distributed assets. You may, up to this point be worried I received a copyright complaint or something, no I haven’t. In fact, a couple members of the Dungeons and Dragons team follow me on Twitter, so I’d be very surprised if I had unknowingly committed some sort of trespass and gotten away with it.

You might be wondering why would I bother go to any lengths to remedy what was a seemingly non-issue? For a few reasons, actually:

1.) I would love to and want to work in game design. I want to show to whomever I might one day work for or with that not only do I do good work, but I play by the rules (no pun intended). Hell, I’d love to make Guild Adept.

2.) In order to continue creating content that you enjoy, I need to be able to keep this capable of running smoothly.

3.) In order to expand the realm of what I work on, and even create my own original content and my own IPs, I can’t cross any streams that would enter questionable legality the closer we get to that point.

That third one, right now, means a lot. I do want to expand and share more content with you. Nothing will change, but only improve.

The Turn

How am I going to do this? How could I possibly break these apart. Well, one, I already have a platform that is where all of my traffic from the Mage College comes, Twitter. A lot of the experience you have here is usually facilitated by my making announcements to get to this website. Twitter announcements will be key pieces of this formula. The Mage College will stay just that, but Twitter is effectively, my magic wand and the Mage College one of my many props in my trick.

Though you will have to bear with me as this “trick” will mean I have to spend a little bit more time with actual game content in development. When we get to the announcements, I hope you’ll understand why. Just because I haven’t created things daily or at the same speed does not mean that they are not being worked on. In fact, many articles here on the Mage College will discuss design itself. For instance, if you like the Time-Twister sorcerer I created, I may write an article talking about time travel in RPGs and discuss that design as I create new chronomancy themed content in the background.

I think this goes into our announcements. Putting them in Bold and Italics for you that like a good “TL;DR”


The Mage College will become articles, both original content and review of new content in the Tabletop Industry, as well as small game assets only that don’t infringe upon this new directive. For instance, hypothetical systems and rule variants. 


All 5th Edition game assets I create will now be released only the DMsguild or Drive Thru RPG depending on the nature of the product. 


I will begin creating content for other games such as Cypher System on their own respective channels in Drive Thru.

Hopefully you are as excited about these announcements as I am. I look forward to creating more content and offering newer richer content to add to your games. But I feel like I am forgetting something….

The Prestige

This is the part of the magic trick where I hopefully blow your mind a little. For a couple bigger announcements:

Just as before, basic 5th Edition material I create will be free on DMsGuild or DriveThru. 5th Edition basic pdfs will be made with the Homebrewery program. “Special Edition” versions of the content with original art created will be available for purchase.

My Discord channel will be revitalized- I need regular playtesters. Though I can’t promise monetary reward, I will find ways I can reward people who take the time to work with me. 

Then finally the last announcements for those who may not be as familiar:

1.) I am creating a satirical PbtA game called NPCs: the Coping with a free beta releasing late August/Early September.

2.) My next project is called Whose Quest is it Anyways, another comedy ttrpg that combines antics of improve comedy and classic tabletop gaming. 

3.) In the background, I am starting development on my multi-genre narrative system: Chronicle and Tale soon after. 

More information about these will come in time. Thank you so much for the taking the time to read this. I look forward to creating so much more for this great community.

Stay awesome.

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